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こすり落とす?"rub off on" の意味と使い方



rub off on の意味

 (人に) 良い影響を与える


rub = こする

rub off = こすり落とす

rub off on = こすり落とされて付着する

rub off on の発音

 ラブ オフ オン



"rub off on" は英検1級と TOEFL の学習教材に掲載されています。




ミディアム 霊能者アリソン・デュボア (Medium)

Season 2 Episode 18





それをテレビで見たアリソンの子供たち (ブリジットとアリエル) は嘘を見抜きます。

アリエル: You weren't working last night. You didn't drive by that girl's house. Why did you say that you did? How did you know that that man would break in? (昨日は仕事じゃなかったし、車であの人の家の前を通ったりもしてない。どうしてあの男が犯人だってわかったの?)


アリソン: Ariel's right. I lied, and that is really not something that I want to teach you girls. And to answer your question, I don't know. I don't know how I knew that man was going to be outside that girl's house. I just did. That happens to me sometimes. I see something. I just know things. I just sense things. I don't get to pick and chose what they are. And I have learned most people don't understand it. So it's not something that I talk about. It's not something that I try to explain. (意訳: 嘘をついたのは事実。わからないけど、私には普通の人には見えないものが見えてしまうの。たいていの人はわかってくれない。だから言わないようにしている。)

ジョー: Do you girls understand what Mommy's saying to you? (ママが言っていることがわかる?)

アリソン: I know you girls know what I'm talking about. (わかってるよね。)

I think a little bit of what I have has rubbed off on you. (あなたたちにもこの力は少し受け継がれていると思うの。)

I know that you've felt thin thing. But you have to trust me when I tell you very few people ever experience it. And very few people understand it. Which is why, for the moment at least, only you and Daddy and a couple of people at work know. And I'm asking you, just for the time being, don't tell your friends. Don't talk about it at school. Don't share it with anyone.

ブリジット: Is that an order?

アリソン: No, honey. No. It's just a suggestion. It's just a hope. No parent has the final word on what their children say about them. It's just ... People just don't understand it. And I really don't want them treating you differently becaues of the way I am.


ミディアム 霊能者アリソン・デュボア

ブラインドスポット タトゥーの女 (Blindspot)

Season 4 Episode 10


リッチ: My point is, you know, there are a broad range of things on which I am incapable of feeling normal human shame, but, uh, there are a few exceptions.


ジェーン: Like what?

リッチ:  You know, it's just like you.


I have certain things in my past that haunt me.


I don't even have the "good me, bad me" excuse to fall back on.


Although I was doing mountains of coke back then, so...


ジェーン: And you, uh, do you feel like you changed since you've been on the team?

リッチ:  Without a doubt.


I mean, don't tell everybody, but I'm pretty sure I'm actually fairly reformed, thanks to you guys.


I feel like if Remi had stuck around long enough, she would've been reformed too.


ジェーン: I don't know. She was pretty angry.


リッチ: It's easier to make good choices when you surround yourself with good people.


Kind of rubs off on you. Not in a weird way.


Don't make it dirty, please. I'm in the middle of something emotional here.


I guess just... every day you gotta make a choice to be Good Jane.


リッチ: Thanks, Rich.


たしかに犯罪まみれだったリッチは FBI のチームに協力するようになって、いい人になってしまいました。あいかわらずお調子者ですが。こんなにまじめに語るリッチは全シーズンを通してここだけだと思います。続きは Hulu で!


ダウントン・アビー (Downton Abbey)

Season 4 Episode 6


イーディス: Who is this singer? And how did he get here? Isn't it... rather odd?


ロバート: No, I think it's fun.


♪ He's just wild about me... ♪

イーディス: But, Granny, is it really... suitable that Rose has brought this man here?


バイオレット: Oh, my dear, we country-dwellers must beware of being provincial.


Try and let your time in London rub off on you a little, hm?


まだ黒人への偏見が強かった時代。ロバートやバイオレットの対応が素敵です。続きは Hulu で!





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